Candy  Kitchen

Opened in June of 2007, our first season was most memorable and exciting.
We love our store, meeting new folks and our beautiful location in Knife River, MN.
Most of all we love our kitchen where all our candies are cooked in a copper kettle.
If you are visiting our store, you are welcome to take a look at our candies being made the old fashioned way,
hand stirred in small batches with lots of cream and butter. We are using the original 1st generation recipes passed down to us from our grandfather, father & uncle.
We are now enjoying our 10th year in business as 3rd & 4th generation candymakers.
Thank you everyone!!

Great! Lakes Candy Kitchen - 2015
End of the season Dec. 2015 Great! Lakes Candy Kitchen Chorus - holiday CD
Lynn, Lexi, Ally Candy Cousins Andy & Nick
mara lola
new mugs by Deneen Pottery new employees, Mara & Lola
chocolate frogs Alli & Emily
Lynn I Love Lucy Day
Lucy at Lucy Day New Copper Kettle
Wedding Family Chelsy & Andy get married!
patricia canelake Great! Lakes Candy Kitchen
Patricia preparing wedding apples New kids candy play store!
Great! Lakes Candy Kitchen Terry & Bill Berg Anniversary
In memory of Jerry McHugh Happy 50th Anniversary Terry & Bill Berg
Great! Lakes Candy Kitchen Great! Lakes Candy Kitchen
Natalie, Kelly, Nick Sunflowers & Bears
Great! Lakes Candy Kitchen Peter Darlene Staudohar
Lynn, Lexi, Alli Peter, Darlene Staudahor & family wrapping caramels
Great! Lakes Candy Kitchen Great! Lakes Candy Kitchen
Big head Candymakers 4th of July fun
Great! Lakes Candy Kitchen Great! Lakes Candy Kitchen sugar peanuts
Mr. Candy tshirts Old fashioned Sugar Peanuts are back!
Great! Lakes Candy Kitchen Great! Lakes Candy Kitchen
Mr. Candy & Mr. Candy bars Macey, the candy kid apron model
Great! Lakes Candy Kitchen Great! Lakes Candy Kitchen
Nancy's 50th birthday- turtle candy card! Mr. Candy Bars
Great! Lakes Candy Kitchen Great! Lakes Candy Kitchen
new mr. candy and mr. candy bars Andy with licorice and sweet cream caramel
Great! Lakes Candy Kitchen
Great! Lakes Candy Kitchen
New dipper station winter in Knife River MN
great lakes candy kitchen
Great! Lakes Candy Kitchen 2014
On the last day of their season, Great!Lakes Candy Kitchen tries out their antique candy machine, "The...
Thanks to Frank Sander for filming our antique Thos. Mills & Bros. Kiss Knocker candy cutter at Great! Lakes Candy Kitchen.

Dennis wrapping!

Pamela & Patricia

Andy making nougat, new for 2014

Lots of lollipops

Lexi, homecoming queen at THHS receives a chocolate crown at Great! Lakes Candy Kitchen.

Lily & Lexi, apron fashionistas!

the caramel apple bears, painted cutouts by Patricia Canelake, new in 2014

Dennis & Sue Bear Cubs photo op!

Lucy & Ethel chocolate factory game, "speed it up a little"..new game for 2014

Sampling the toffee

Kelly packs Nibblers

Hats by Joyce, modeled by Alli & Lexi

Tessa wraps Santas

Alli packing!

Pamela brings back Creme Peanuts in 2014

Marzipan hedgehogs, a holiday stocking stuffer!

Jane & Skyler help us out!

Dennis & Pamela- dipping apples

Sue making Santa Pops

New Candy Museum shelves, historical Canelake's soda fountain, candy items, antique candy machines

new Antique Stick Candy Machine and Kiss Knocker machine, restoration in process, new candies to come!


Great! Lakes Candy Kitchen 2013

Randy, Andy, Dennis

Celia with Chef Hat

Santas by Patricia

Kids in the Candy store.

Carmela, animated candymaker

Dennis and friend Pam

Double Dippers, Tessa & Patricia

2 balloons for 95 year old Dorothy Peterson birthday celebration!
2012 Season, another fun year!
2010 - 2011
Stop in and see our old fashioned candy kitchen!
andy liz dennis
Stirring the kettle Caramel Cooking
Little Dipper Cracking the Air Crunch
Back to the 60's John Canelake, Chris Canelake
John jr. & John Sr. I Love Lucy Days
Wrapping caramels Baby in the kettle!
Caramel Apple time Fun with Friends

lisa lucy
Our First Years...  
Air Crunch
case sign

Great!Lakes Candy Kitchen
P.O. Box 27
223 Scenic Dr.
Knife River, MN 55609